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Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 29, 2009 at 4:48AM

woke up at 3 and couldnt get back to sleep. had a nightmare, you were there. took a shower, it lasted an hour. what else can i do? i was scared.


if it kills me

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 28, 2009 at 12:07PM


jalan raye

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 25, 2009 at 8:16PM

be right back.. [apreezeedee]

mood swing

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 24, 2009 at 9:24PM

come talk to me if u dare.


atok keropok

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 23, 2009 at 8:42PM

instead of nenek keropok, now we have the other version of atok keropok. and guess who is playing the role of atok keropok? no other than my very own cousin, hans haziq. haha. atok keropok sells a new item also, keropok taik. boleh tahan merepek lah ni budak. anyways, i got attacked by atok keropok sey. until i lie flat on the floor. haha. enjoy the video!


jalan raye

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 21, 2009 at 10:28PM

tradition: 2nd day of raye is always the day where we go out visting on maternal grandma side. its always the three sisters, wak ya, cik dah and my mom's family. but then this year, since my dad change to a smaller car, we cant afford to bring more. soo sorry banyak banyak wak ya. its left with us now. we are on our own. haha. so these are the people who went. and so their first destination, our house. they didnt stay that long, until when we got a phone call from wak ya saying that if we want food, we have to rush for it. cos the whole lot of kak hanis paternal family is there to beraye also. i went like please please, let them leave. i dont want to end up seeing adi sufiyan and being teased by my aunts. argh. hahaha.

and so ok, we entered the house, i salam and give greetings to everyone and then straight to the kitchen for me. for the next 30 minutes we were in the house. i was in the kitchen balcony the whole time, occupy myself with lots of food. an excuse of not having to go out into the living room and sit with the rest of the guest. hahaha. i was sweating the whole way through but yet i didnt regret. at least i dont have to see his face and the kacang pool with bread was awesome. give me more. haha. to top tat off, we are going to enjoy a nice cup of tea at the next house. and so we make wak ya help us make the orders. she called nenek minik and ordered a big pot of nicely brewed teh tarik for us.

as we wait at the void deck for the men with the cars, we watch a few men unload stuff from the lorry onto the ground. with that, they already make a whole lot of noise. not forgetting the vulgarities. lets estimate eh. i think we waited for about 10 mins (cos the carpark is quite far), we heard like 3 different vulgar words being repeated thrice. we smile, we laugh at each other as the kids wonder why.

as said, the next destination: nenek minik's place. to be precise, cik cuna's place. haha. nenek minik is my maternal grandmama elder sis. she looks exactly like grandma. even her sense of humour is exactly the same. haha. whenever nenek minik speaks, lisa and i keep looking at each other and ask 'macam nenek eh? (like grandma eh)'. other than enjoying the teh tarik, we also enjoyed the honey flakes. they me favourite.

next up: nenek's oti place. she is my grandmama's younger sis. how much younger? i dont know. all i know, when we are in this house every year, we behave ourselves. or someone wont like it. we chose our spot. sit still, keep quiet and eat less. hmmm... not sure when this will end. only when we reach the lift lobby, we loosen ourselves and comment as much about the house that particular year. it has always been the same routine.

the next destination is rather close to the previous one: still in woodland area. rumah cik noredah, daughter to nenek ami (grandmama younger sis). i like this house because of the cool glasses and the wide spread of kuih-s. there are even chocolates. nenek ami was tired i guess, and so we entertained ourselves by taking photos of each other. sape kate pakai baju raye then muke pun nak kene glamour? we show u the uglier side of us in baju kurung k. haha. the best thing about this part of the trip, us girls were too restless i guess and so whenever we wait while for our daddy-s to fetch us: we start dancing, imitating MJ moves in our heels. haha.

longest journey, i guess. from woodlands to bedok. the time where i will always use the opportunity to take off my heels and take a nap.

bedok: wak kama's place. the lift here can't take all of us in. and so me and dad was left out. haha. when we reach her place, wak yaya and the 2 bujangs were also there. abg iskandar and abg effendi. hahaha. we will be heading to their house next anyways. tumpang solat and makan makan sikit then off to wak yaya's place. i dont have anything much to say here cos i was sleepy, almost slept but i kept my eyes open and face the glaring sun to keep myself awake. oh yeah, not forgetting the part where haziq said "teruk betul lah" after he discovered tat the toilet couldnt flush. hahaha.

seriously what with the F&N fruitade drink tat was served at 9/10 of the houses we go. popular flavour this year ke? i seriously am sick and tired of it. anyways, at wak yaya's house: it was even worse, i couldnt keep myself awake. i slept on the sofa while my cousins took charge of taking the photos.

the last house is the best. why why? cos its red, RED. by now u should know tat red is my favourite colour. haha. well then, thats it for today. the last 2 pictures are our dinner, they are red too! actually they are orange but i hate orange. kan adik? haha. lets just say its red. i add contrast to the pics to make it red-er. haha. good night people. hope u enjoyed ur 2nd day of raye as much as i do. to end this post, below are potraits of myself taken today. kain off when i reach home as per usual. hahaha.


selamat hari raya

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 20, 2009 at 10:24PM

so yes, we finally got a red this year. except for mum. dad was suppose to accompany mum by buying brown but end up he chose red. my mum didnt really care anyways, she has her own character in which she doesnt like to be a part of the crowd. not forgetting, that i actually couldnt control my emotions this year when i apologise to both my parents. i am extremely difficult on my parents this year. i actually broke down and cried. and that is why, u can see me in the few pics above: rather laid back. i need some time to get over it. my mum went like 'dont cry, u already took more than an hour to get tat face done'

paternal grandma: uncle hanafi and bibik sariyah came back for raye this year. they will spend the next 3 weeks here bfore taking grandmama back with them to australia. grandmama will then stay with them for the next three mths, as planned. after which, they leave it to her to decide whether to go back to spore or stay on. anyways enough bout  tat, lets go on to hannah sofia shall we. she is darn cute. she clings on to uncle the whole time. and when uncle introduce her to anyone, she will take a moment and stare at tat person with the same expression u see in the 2 photos above. her photographic memory is tat slow huh. nah, we understand tat when she left for aussie, she is still a baby. so most probably she dont recognise most of us. so yeah, toddlers being toddlers, they need time to warm up. some may take jus a few minutes with simple interaction like a high5. while some may not even respond at all. haha. as per usual, nenek house will be full by 4pm with all arwah nenek kiah's children coming over to visit grandmama. i will have to squeeze my way through the crowd and serve the drinks, again.

maternal grandmama: disappointed. everyone left bfore us. we only manage to meet wak ya's family and wak kama. other than tat would be grandmama's anak sedare-s. i told u she is 'fofular' (popular), adik. on the first day itself, her house will be full, from the living room to the bedrooms. even on the beds. wat to do, we jawa what. as nenek ever said, u want to be a part of this family: u must be willing to gather as much. haha. anyways, i was disappointed cos i was really hoping to see all my nephew and niece-s. luckily cik sumi came over and brought elina. i had a great time entertaining her while her parents and grandparents were enjoying their meal. snap 2 polaroid photos of her, one for me and one for heself. the best part was when i ask: how old are you? 10 she says. haha. cute stuff.

so far today, i enjoyed myself. i enjoyed myself in red baju kurung especially. but i still cant tahan the weather. i dont like to sweat in my baju kurung. immediately when i come home, my kain came off first thing when i step into my room. took about an hour for me to cool myself down in front of the fan bfore taking a long cold shower. that's basically my first day of raye. i seriously hope that tmr will be better than this. SELAMAT HARI RAYA!


malam raye

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 19, 2009 at 11:38PM

malam raye feels soo much different this year. the family was all in a hurry to go home. the usual poeple that were suppose to be there, weren't there. maternal grandmama and grandpapa were left alone at a time, as early as 9pm. i seriously want to stay on. but mum wants to rush home and head to geylang to buy a carpet for the living room. and so we did just that. but before we head down to geylang, we drop off some food and stuff over at paternal grandmama place in bedok. i was happy though. while otw to the toilet at geylang new market, i found shafiq. and i got a great bigg hugg from him on malam raye itself. to be exact, its about 1am when we met. haha. the rest of the time was spent waslking through the crowd, trying to get as much things as possible. things got soo cheap at geylang on malan raye. enjoyed the moment to the fullest. selamat hari raye!


friday night

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 19, 2009 at 2:21PM

bfore i talk about the night, lets talk about early this morning shall we? so grandmama requested me to go over to her place to help her with hari raya preparation such as buying groceries, cook rendang and cleaning the house. and knowing the traffic jam at bukit timah if i were to take 184 down to her place, i took the train instead. and so since adik is heading towards the west, we took the train same together. the day was fun and tiring. at night, cik dah and family came over for iftar. grandmama cook me fav lemak nenas ikan sepat. later, lisa accompanied me to west coast plaze to claim my dessert from adik. dont ask me why. haha. but i am glad that i get to see many familar faces there, mostly  ex kent ridgeans. haha. went straight, got my camera in hand. haziq instantly stick to me like magnet. hahaha. and so tat explains why most of the photos above are pictures of him. mom came later to fetch me. and tats friday night for me.


Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 16, 2009 at 3:28PM



huggs and kisses

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 16, 2009 at 2:19PM

if only you knew what i was thinking. these huggs and kisses are sincere. they are just for you. that special one in my heart.  do you feel me?



Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 15, 2009 at 1:25PM

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
Cuz everything is never as it seems


this morning

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 14, 2009 at 6:06AM

the iftar outing that lasted until this morning. not that we ate the whole time. we go places after eating at REX at changi road, we head over to siglap for dessert at royal cafe. took another 30 mins making decision with out feets hanging out into the streets. bus passing by close to our feets. we had soo many plans in mind. not forgetting one tat we never fails to keep us laughing all the time. the time where uncle nasir scolded us for suggesting nght safari when it is closed at this time. we all burst into laughter. night safari is called 'night safari for a reason. haha. end up, we jus head down to east coast park. the the whole night talking and entertaining adik on the phone. the girls sat on the mat placed on the sand. the guys sat further away, on the grass. we were seperated by sex-es. we talk about basically everything. like what am i going to do when i graduate. but mostly it was ghost stories by aunt sarah. the breeze blew into our face. it felt really comfotable except for the time sand keep on getting into my eyes. we wanted to jus lay down there the whole night. and maybe sahur at the nearby fast food restaurants. but the guys were complaining. like ants bit their ass-es, they cant sit still. and so we got no choice. the guys are the drivers. we head home, with smiles on our faces. it was a great night.


finally chunkfest

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 12, 2009 at 6:17PM

pictures above from verdell's dslr. i was force to play twister ok. heesh. haha.








and these are taken from my digital camera. the people who went. verdell and noel joined us much later. at least they dont get drained by the heat as much as we do. lucky them. haha. and oooh, not forgetting the things we got from participating in the game of twister. and yes bear, i will reserved the iphone cover for u. haha


kanye bully

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 12, 2009 at 2:48AM

it will be funny if taylor actually shows that expression. haha.


new friends

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 10, 2009 at 7:04AM

a day filled with many of my lucky number. tiger found new friends. seated on the 5th row of the shelf, she is greeted warmly by other fuzzy colourful friends. even my two dumbo-s are there to join in the fun. welcome to the toy shelf, tiger. no, she is not abandoned.



Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 9, 2009 at 1:56PM

i want to go! i want to go! please. please.please...! but then plans for iftar this weekend are booked for the family. saturday will be for our usual iftar with aunt rina's and aunt sarah's family. sunday will be going to johor and kenny roger's! that i cant wait. my fav mac and cheese.. oooh! but i dont want to miss this one out. argh. well then, i shall suggest to aunt rina and aunt sarah to get desserts here right after we break fast this saturday. hopefully they agree...



Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 7, 2009 at 5:04PM

taken during kenduri arwah last month. i force ain to smile for the camera bfore she can actually take a shot with me using my polaroid. haha! she is really amazed with how the polaroid works. she love to grab the photo right when it is about to be dispensed. argh! yet luckily she's cute. cute stuff melts my heart. so i wont get angry at her. hahaha!


songket hitam

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 5, 2009 at 2:55PM

my new black songket from RH fashion. and oh my, i have move on to size M. luckily i tried it out in the dressing room. everyone bought a pair. dad bought red this year too. later, we shop more than what was planned. mom bought one more carpet for the living room. dad bought green curtains for paternal grandmama's house. had supper at geylang new market. the chappathi were awesome. wash it down with chilled blueberry drink, never been more satisfied. haha. reached home only at 1am in the morn.


twilight inspired

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 3, 2009 at 4:51PM

taken last mth when we were waiting for ibu, ayah brought us to marina barrage to play. haha. adik suggested the pose. she wanted some "vampire like" pose like the one in the twilight movie during the baseball game. i look stupid though. haha!


finally popeye's

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 2, 2009 at 7:23AM

had my cravings for popeye's fufilled, like finally. rushed home from grandmama's place to meet the family at wak ya's place. my dad wanted to drove off and leave me behind. later, we fetch mom and head down to the airport terminal. after which we head down to bedok to pay a visit to my grandmama. i continued eating the packed leftover from popeyes. then later, we went over to geylang to buy food for sahur. reached home late at night. by the way i find the picture above very cute, taken from one of threadless designs.


red is hot

Posted By Doodledoo on Sep 1, 2009 at 4:26AM

yeah, finally we sister got the same identical baju kurung for raye this year. only in diff sizes of course. haha! for the past few year we've been buying the same colour but different design and somewhat i am always one tone off from hannah's and rauzha's. this year, we got it tailored. even better: we got it in RED. red is hot. red is me fav colour. yeah! sorry for the stupid face though. btw do u agree with me that this picture looks "holga-ed"? haha.



Posted By Doodledoo on Aug 31, 2009 at 12:49PM

2 years 2mths anniversary to ducky dine and porky pine! sorry darling for playing the role of a crazy girlfriend in this relationship. yet, i know u like it. waddle waddle! haha. for now after i am stuck at grandmama house for the night. will be scrub-ing all the tiles with sponge tmr. i am not complaining. niat ikhlas nak tolong nenek untuk hari raye nanti. haha.



Posted By Doodledoo on Aug 28, 2009 at 11:01AM

while waiting to fetch adik from work and later join the rest for iftar, i meet up with ducky dine. he works at chinatown tat day too. so we took the purple line down to harbourfront and sat down at sky park while admiring the scenery (as if there is something intereting to see). whatever it is, i enjoy every single moment with u darling.


day one

Posted By Doodledoo on Aug 27, 2009 at 7:49AM

day one of work for adik. day one of a whole lot of house chores for me. and so i decided to send adik to work at chinatown. seriously u look good in that black pants u just bought yest. me and verdell agree 100%. not forgetting the haircut. haha. wasted arr dik, u go soo far only to go home 2 hours later. luckily i am still in the area look for my "sorts-panter". wat are "sort-panters"? goo google it and inform me if u know places tat sells. haha.



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